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CNN’s The Situation Room

Do you want to build your credit history? Pay your rent on time. CNN’s The Situation Room reports that Experian is now including rental payment history data on its credit reports. This change could impact millions of renters nationwide.


CNN’s Clark Howard

If you rent, there could be some extra credit coming your way! That’s great news for students, recent graduates, etc. Clark Howard reports that renters can now build their credit history by making on-time rental payments.

Fox News

Fox News reports that renters may not be throwing away their money after all. Experian is adding resident data and rental payment history to its credit reports to provide consumers with a chance to build their credit history. Margaret Mikitka, a former homeowner, had no choice but to give up her home and start renting. Experian finds a creative solution to help displaced homeowners build their credit history and bring them back into the home market.



Bankrate.com reports that Experian is now incorporating positive rental payment data in its credit reports. Now consumers looking for a way to establish or build their credit history can do so just by paying their rent on time.



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