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Renters Credit Association Experian Credit Bureau Reporting for Lessee tenant

Renters Credit Association reports rental payment data to all Credit Bureau Reporting Agencies for real estate tenants.

How to use your monthly rent payment to build a stronger credit history?

Renters Credit Associates (RCA) reports on-time rental payment data to Experian, Trans Union, and Equifax. Your rental payment information will be included as part of your standard credit report and may be incorporated into certain credit scores. The inclusion of positive rental payment history allows you to establish or build a stronger credit history through timely monthly rental payments.


For FAQs about rental payments on your credit report click here.

Renters Credit Association Experian Credit Bureau Reporting for Lessee tenant

Why Building Your Credit History Is Important?

Credit plays an important role in your life — affecting the purchases you make and much more. A strong credit history is vital in today’s economy and enables you to obtain valuable credit services such as credit cards, mortgages and auto loans. Lenders use credit reports and credit scores to gauge the likelihood that you will pay back a loan. We understand the importance of building credit history and believe that responsible renters should get credit for managing their rental payments on-time.

How Rental Payment Data is Used

Renters Credit Association will take your monthly payment data and report it to Experian, Trans Union, and Equifax. This continuous on-time positive rental payment data can be incorporated into your credit reports, which are used by various types of credit-granting institutions, including banks, auto finance companies and telecommunications providers.